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The blog was initially functioning as a diary online. At this time can serve as a media for advertising. Blog advertising is an alternative to advertising that can be used. With blog advertising, you can promote your sites / product on blogs that are targeted to your product / site keywords. And for blog owner they can make his blog to share other revenue. Good for bloggers and advertisers. In other reason with blog advertising will make a great network between bloggers and advertisers. At this time, many sites that provide blog advertising. One of them is Like other blog advertising network, is a tool for bloggers to earn revenue from the blog. And then for advertisers, payingpost can serve as the alternative to market the product. One of the advantages of paying post for the advertiser is able to obtain much traffic and reduce the cost of the ad. Because payingpost accept only blog that really have a sizeable traffic. For blogger, it’s the easy way to get paid for blogging. You will earn 50% for one review. So, if you have a blog and blogging is your great hobby, list your blog in payingpost to obtain additional revenue. For advertiser, use as a media to advertise your product. If you want to know more about, please go to the site at

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